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 Hefei Kangjuren Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd (KcareU ) was established in 1993, is a modern high-tech enterprises, which specialized in Medical & home healthcare field of product development, production, sales and service. Our main products cover Medical oxygen concentrator, Pulse oximeter, Cpap, Bpap, Electric Wheelchair Compressor Nebulizer, Mesh nebulizer, Anti-decubitus matress, Thermometer, Blood pressure monitor and etc. The amount of sales keep 30% rapid growing four years in a row. Every year, more than 3 million families, over 150 countries or area's customers are enjoying Kcareu's leading Medical & home healthcare technologies, products and services.

  • 1993


  • 100


    Main products

  • 2012

    Number of products

  • 20,000

    Area is 20000㎡

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Company History


Became a member unit of the E-commerce Branch of Anhui Young Entrepreneurs Association in April

Became a member unit of Hefei High-tech Zone Human Resources Association in July
Passed the ISO9001 quality management system in September
In September, signed an industry-university-research agreement with Anhui University of Technology
Obtained two new product identification certificates of Anhui Province in December
In December, it won the service star store of Jingdong Mall in 2015

Become an employment training base for college graduates in Hefei High-tech Zone
Became the standing director unit of Anhui Information Appliance Industry Association
Passed the EU export CE certification
Obtained the second-class medical device registration certificate
Become a small technology giant cultivation enterprise in Hefei High-tech Zone
Become an innovative enterprise in Hefei

Won the 2016 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award of Hefei High-tech Zone
Obtained the second-class medical device production license

In January, it was newly added as an upper (limited) enterprise.
Declared as a national high-tech enterprise in February

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  • 2021-11-25
    The use function and characteristics of family dispersion oxygen concentrator
  • 2021-11-25
    Basic indicators of medical grade oxygen machine
    The amount of oxygen produced per minute is not less than 3 liters, and the continuous output oxygen concentration is not less than 90%. This is the bottom limit of the performance standard of a medical-grade oxygen machine. Note that it is not the upper limit, but the bottom limit. If you don't meet this standard, don't label yourself an oxygen machine, because the oxygen machine has almost no medical treatment effect.
  • 2021-11-25
    What is the difference between a ventilator and an oxygen generator?
    Home ventilators and oxygen concentrators are both commonly used medical equipment in our families. However, many people often confuse these two types together, and mistake the ventilator as an oxygen concentrator, mistakenly thinking that the ventilator can also produce oxygen. In fact, it is not. So, what is the difference between a home ventilator and an oxygen generator?
  • 2021-11-25
    Which is better for household molecular sieve oxygen machine?
    Molecular sieve is the key core component of the oxygen generator. He is very squeamish and has very strict requirements on the air supplied to it to produce oxygen—clean and dry (dust, oil, and moisture). Otherwise, the molecular sieve will soon fail and be scrapped. Understand this principle, and you will know why you should carefully inquire and understand the molecular sieve oxygen generator for air pretreatment before purchasing. A good molecular sieve oxygen generator generally adopts four-stage air filtration + air cooling and drying treatment. The precision of the four-level filtering is in order: coarse filtering——fine filtering——precision filtering—— ultra-precision filtering. Air cold-drying treatment is a treatment method in which the air is cooled to remove the moisture in the air, so that the air can be dried. The oxygen generators with poor quality and cut corners generally have only the first two levels of air pretreatment, and they can reach the first three levels at most. There is absolutely no air cold-drying treatment.